Disney Media: Understanding the kids of the 'Pulse' generation

Geoffrey Precourt

Marketers started talking about 'Pulses' – the generation of very, very young (ages 0 to 15) – about 18 months ago. And Disney Media, always a home for the perpetually youthful in mind, is actively pursuing the interests of these 68 million young Americans who are not just waiting for the opportunity to buy but have become actual market movers.

"Strive for immersion," is the mantra for Marc C. Normand, vp/research/media sales & marketing at Disney Media, the group responsible for researching and positioning the the Disney Channel, Disney HD, Disney Radio, Disney Jr., and cross-media integration programs that come out of Disney Interactive.


According to Disney's own research, American kids influenced $1.12 trillion in family purchases in 2010 and the figure has continued to rise. "Family decisions are kid-inclusive, with parents inviting their children into the decision-making process…. If you're targeting kids – or their moms – it's very important to get immersed in data.