Mercedes-Benz: Invisible Drive

Client: Daimler AG
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Category: Small Budget
Country: Germany

Within the course of the international conquest strategy, Mercedes-Benz launched a series of communications activities to reconnect with the next generation of car buyers. The mission behind the Invisible Drive campaign was to convince the most ambitious group of all: young, tech-savvy and environmentally conscious opinion leaders who are not particularly fond of established premium car brands like Mercedes-Benz.

BMW with the Guggenheim Lab and Audi with the Urban Future Initiative have already launched big, worldwide programmes centred on future mobility. They are excellent platforms designed to start up online and offline dialogues with the young, tech-savvy target group. It's a shame that Mercedes-Benz hasn't been able to explore, from a communications point of view, the full potential of its answer to many mobility and environmental problems: F-CELL.


  1. Gain awareness.