Brand strategy: Keep it simple

Liana Dinghile

Consumers increasingly want simplicity in their lives, but this can be a challenge for brands and, as Siegel+Gale's Liana Dinghile explains, global brands can be viewed very differently by eastern and western consumers.

Elemental, essential and profitable simplicity is an increasingly hot topic for brands. Indiscriminate of sector, consumers crave simplicity more than ever in a world clouded by complications across a number of channels.

Business is no different. The marketplace is crowded, winning ideas are at a premium and the harsh economic climate means businesses are seeking new ways to drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

So mastering complexity is the new brand challenge and simplicity is the Holy Grail. Or at least that's what the results of Siegel+Gale's annual Global Brand Simplicity Index show for the third year running. Now, more than ever, the need for simplicity and its correlating economic value is at its greatest. But it should never be mistaken for being easy. Simplicity takes courage and hard work but for those willing to invest, the payoff in the long term is definitely worthwhile.