The Readers View: Optimising Front pages

Martin Vogelmann
Czaia Marktforschung GmbH, Germany


Since new technologies and especially the so called 'new media' emerged the last couple of years, the German market for newspaper sales tightened up, thus letting the competition get tougher.

As the editorial department of the German 'Neue Presse' - a regional-focused daily newsstand-paper - was seeking a general increase of the papers attention factor by changing the front page layout, the idea for a supporting research project was born. The intended aim was to work out indications of the readers acceptance of such a change, which later on could be used to stabilize resp. increase the papers newsstand sales, but also would take the subscribers needs into consideration. For the editorial staff one of the major questions was: What kind of layout would appeal to the newsstand buyers without at the same time deter any subscribers?