Games aid brand recall

Sonal Kureshi and Vandana Sood

Indian Institute of Management

Research in the Indian games market shows how implicit and explicit memory influences high recall and positive perception of brands

The Indian passion for entertainment, together with a steep increase in PC ownership, have contributed to huge growth in the Indian gaming industry. Another factor has been the growing number of active internet users, estimated to be 36 million, and mobile subscribers of more than 471 million.

Gaming companies have set up gaming zones and cafes, adding further impetus to Indian youth's increasing preference for computer/video game playing as a popular form of entertainment. Its popularity has resulted in the mushrooming of an associated industry – indigenous in-game brand placements.

In the early 1990s, internet companies such as Contests2Win and Hungama made forays into gaming in conjunction with a number of domestic FMCG brands. The prominent international gaming brands then were Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Atari and Nintendo. Today, more than I SO domestic gaming companies are present in the Indian market. Game development companies, such as Paradox studios and Zapak, have made successful inroads by collaborating with Indian brands including Thums Up, Parle and IMS Coaching in developing games for different platforms -mobile, console, PC-based and social gaming.