No Rights No Women

Leo Burnett Beirut

Advertiser: No Rights No Women
Brand: No Rights No Women
Country: Lebanon


By Lebanese law, men and women are not equal. Lebanese women have no right to pass their nationality to their children. They have no custody rights. There is no law that protects women against domestic violence.

A lot of people lacked awareness about the state of the law and about how discriminatory the law was against women. The society in Lebanon is patriarchal and some discriminatory practices were to some extent accepted by society as the norm.

And those who knew about these laws, were in a state of apathy for two main reasons: First, the ongoing political tensions in the country were leading people and politicians to focus on and prioritize political issues rather than social ones. Most people believed that there are more important things to take care of (like the case of Palestinians in Lebanon, agreeing on a government, etc) than the details of some laws about women. And second, the very strong corruption that has been present in the country since the civil war, was leading a lot of people to stop believing that the civil society can have an impact on legal and political matters. Even when people saw the injustice in some laws or acts, they did not believe their voices could be heard.