How Canon EOS grew market dominance by selling inspiration

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

Advertiser: Canon EOS

Author: Luke Atkinson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2-5 million


How Do You Continue to Grow Your Category Leadership When You No Longer Own the Category Dynamics?

Coming into 2010, Canon led a dSLR category that looked dangerously close to slipping from its grasp. The category was fragmenting, driven by innovation that Canon didn't own. Canon was expensive. The traditional consumer base was changing. Nikon, the #2, was gaining ground fast. 2010 was not going to be business as usual.

Canon EOS is a Leading Brand of Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (dSLR)

Image 1: A Canon EOS 7D dSLR Camera

Problem 1: How to Appeal to Two Very Different Audiences?