Customizing with a Responsibility Agenda

From all-in-one facial creams to dinners in a box to “smart” phones and the like, businesses have been trying for years to create and market products and services that combine multiple functions to meet consumers' multiple demands—and today, those offerings also need to help consumers reduce waste and save money. Unfortunately, many consumers feel that these products are missing the mark. This week's MONITOR Minute takes a look at how expanding opportunities for customization in lieu of pre-fab combinations better fits the current consumer mindset of responsibility.


Creating products that, in effect, anticipate how consumers would independently put things together to deliver on a lifestyle need is no small order. And it goes without saying that today's uncompromising consumers bristle at or reject trade-offs related to performance, quality, price or ease of use. In fact, 69% of consumers agree that “Businesses care more about selling me products and services that already exist, rather than coming up with something that really fits my lifestyle” (up from 58% in 2004), and 55% of consumers agree that “Products with multiple functions tend not to perform as well as products with a single function.”

Did You Know?