Passion branding – How one of Hungary's leading supermarket chains launched an own-label brand using the power of sports celebrity to help drive sales


In August 2006, SPAR Hungary, part of the SPAR multi-national supermarket chain, prepared to launch its own-label bio-food range 'Natur Pur'.

The brand encapsulated 'natural, healthy and pure' attributes and was a major new product category investment for SPAR. The premium-priced products were developed to appeal to health-conscious women customer segments that regularly shop at SPAR's 168 outlets across Hungary.

Working with its creative agency D'Arcy Avenue, SPAR Hungary set out to identify an appropriate property that would reflect the brand values of 'Natur Pur'.

Given the overriding health-conscious message it wanted to deliver to women customers, it was important to associate the new own-label range with a sport that directly appealed to women that could embrace its health-conscious message in an appropriate way.