Beauty is in the Eye of the Tech Manager: How Technology Orientation and Interactive-Media Knowledge Can Drive (or Stall) Change

Larry Chiagouris and Vishal Lala
Pace University


A number of academic papers have extolled the virtues of interactive media over traditional media (Deighton, 1996; Sicilia, Ruiz, and Munuera, 2005; Yadav and Varadarajan, 2005). A primary reason for the enthusiasm of interactive media is related to the manner in which it is different than traditional media. One of the ways in which interactive media differ from traditional media is in their ability to address an individual, gather and remember the response of that individual, and address the individual once more in a way that takes into account his or her unique response (Deighton, 1996). The addressability of interactive media results in efficient use of advertising dollars (Bush, Bush, and Harris, 1998).