Axe Ark: The last limited edition

Ponce Buenos Aires

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Axe
Country: Argentina


Global background

Axe, the world's number one male deodorant brand, has become an undeniable icon of seduction thanks to its great fragrance offering and its clear product and communication strategies.

As with most brands targeting teenagers, the greatest challenge is staying cool, disruptive and globally relevant. Axe has tackled this challenge by continually innovating on both the product and communication fronts. From chocolate men to fallen angels, staying one step ahead of consumers and competitors has been an essential part of achieving sustained success with our ever-fickle target audience: young guys.

Limited editions

With innovation being one of the main foundations of Axe strategy, Limited Editions play a fundamental role for the brand. These are fragrances that are launched deliberately to only feature on shelves between 6 months and a year.