Boston Pizza: Boston Pizza Flatties and Drummies

Category: Restaurant
Brand/Client: Boston Pizza International
Lead Agency: TAXI
Contributing Agencies: PHD,Steam Films

Strategic Challenge

Although its name might fool you, Boston Pizza is a Canadian company. It began as a single location, casual dining restaurant in 1964 but quickly grew into a highly successful national chain. Today there are more than 360 restaurants across the entire country. The business has been built on an interesting model: one half of each location is dedicated to family-oriented dining, while the other is a full-on sports bar. The vibe in each is different, but they do have a few things in common: a fun and relaxed atmosphere, an extensive menu of favourite foods, and walls covered with big screen TVs. It's a place where you're meant to relax and enjoy yourself.

A little over a year ago, a critical strategic decision was made to refocus the brand's target group. Like most of its competitors, Boston Pizza had traditionally targeted Mom as the primary decision maker. This was based on the belief that, when it comes to food decisions, it's really Mom's call. But through our research, we determined that Boston Pizza was in the advantageous position of being able to break out of this paradigm and pursue men, more specifically, Dads, as the key target. This stemmed from a combination of several factors. First, the physical environment that resembles a guy's dream man cave, dedicated to and designed for the enjoyment of sports, because no matter where you look you can always see big screen televisions, and they're always tuned in to a game. Second, the company developed corporate sponsorships of high-profile sports properties, such as UFC and NHL teams, that appeal to guys. And last, the menu is dominated by carb-heavy food designed to appeal to hearty appetites.