Philadelphia – Try It On

AgencyJWT Melbourne
Advertiser Kraft Foods
Author Angela Morris & Anuj Mehra


At the end of 2008, after two very lackluster and stagnant years Philadelphia was desperate for growth. The ambition was not for any small, incremental growth, but to go for a big, hairy and audacious objective – unprecedented growth. But how? The two conventional sources of growth were evaluated, but discounted:-

  1. Growth within the Spreads category: Philadelphia's success as a brand has been built on the back of being an indulgent, yet low fat, butter substitute. However, the spreads category was in decline. Complicating things further were internal portfolio considerations; Kraft Foods has Vegemite, Peanut Butter and Cheese spread vying for share of spreading. Which made growing within the spreads category a pseudo cannibalistic option.