Impact of 3D objects in mobile market research: Innovative app-based mobile research

Navin Williams
MobileMeasure Consultancy Limited, China


Mobiles are being talked about as the future of MR increasingly and there are even dedicated Mobile Market Research conferences being held globally on Mobile MR. Mobile is coming out of its digital shell to be reckoned as a market research channel and method in its own right. This poses the usual challenges of comparing data by other methods, migration challenges, norms, education, budgets and many others both from a business and logistically angle.

What it also gives us is an opportunity to start with a clean slate and try things never been tried before. This paper highlights one such area of opportunity within the mobile space which Mobile-Measure worked on with a partner to highlight how it could positively enhance research results and consumer experiences. The area we explored was Mobile 3D for Market Research and how it has application in measuring choices consumers make in selection of products and packaging feedback.