Posh Spice and Persil

Jeremy Bullmore

In his British Brands Group inaugural lecture this time last year, Tim Ambler set a depressingly high standard.

He raised a number of critical questions about the nature and value of brands and answered many of them. He left us with one perplexity.

If brands are as important as they are to business -and he left us in absolutely no doubt that they are all-important - why do chief executive officers and their boards devote such a curiously small proportion of their time to their health and nourishment?

With seemly diffidence, I'd like this evening to put forward a possible explanation.

And as a sort of hors d'œuvre to the main course of my lecture, I offer you these thirteen deeply disturbing brand facts.

  • Products are made and owned by companies. Brands, on the other hand, are made and owned by people ... by the public ... by consumers.