The question isn't are you creative but how are you creative?

Hanne Kristiansen and Mark Simmonds

The Mars bar, Pret a Manger, Apple iPod, Google, X Factor, Dyson. All of these brands represent famous success stories that stand out from the crowd in very competitive marketplaces.

At some point in their development, a creative spark or two catapulted them on the road to success. Yet the important point is that the likes of Frank Mars, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Simon Cowell all found that creative spark in quite different ways.

Creativity is the personal skill that enables individuals and teams to help businesses act differently in order to grow. Unfortunately, this big word is usually misunderstood in the corporate world – it is difficult to nail down precisely.

This is why people shift nervously in their seats when asked 'Are you creative?' The word tends to be associated with the arts, and creative people are often believed to have 'special' powers. As a result, creativity and business often mix like oil and water.