Global Industry Overview: Trucking and Courier Services

The broad category of trucking and courier services includes three distinct subsets: (1) local trucking services, which may include storage facilities; (2) long-distance trucking services; and (3) courier services, except those by air. Many industry firms specialize in just one or two of these areas. A portion of the industry competes with services offered by government-sponsored and private postal delivery services. For more information, see also Postal Services.

Industry Snapshot

Trucking services encompass three broad market sectors: truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), and small package (courier). In the United States, they also are classified by three general groupings: Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)-regulated trucking, non-ICC intercity trucking, and non-ICC local trucking. Trucking companies primarily compete amongst themselves, although barge, steamship, railroad, and airline services are also regarded as competitors.