HEMA Mega Push-up Bra

Doom & Dickson Amsterdam

Advertiser: HEMA

Brand: Mega Push-up Bra

Country: The Netherlands


Business objectives

The mega push-up bra was HEMA's newest product and needed to create the base that could set the brand up for future success in the lingerie market. Our metrics for success were:

  1. To grow sales with an ambitious target in push-up bra sales (index of 103)
  2. To re-establish the brand essence in the lingerie category

Communication objectives

Before success could be measured, it was crucial for us to map out specific goals that demonstrate progress toward the goals. We've outlined a plan that employs, which if delivered successfully, a commercial success. Our metrics for success were:

  1. To generate awareness and to be noticed by aroused curiosity and create intrigue for HEMA's mega push-up bra. In order to make this a truly global idea, we needed to excite people. They held the key to spread the message around the world.
  2. Accelerate social sharing in order to accomplish new ways of conversion. Only if you get to be the 'Talk Of The Day' it is possible to reach the sales goals.