How to make the best use of music in an ad

Music is a regular component of TV advertising. About seven in 10 ads in our Link™ database have some form of music, but it varies enormously across the world, ranging from around 95 percent in Romania and the Ukraine, to under 40 percent in Denmark, Serbia and Montenegro, India and Egypt.

While most ads have some music, its presence or absence has less impact on the commercial's performance than the way in which the music is deployed.


The biggest benefit of using music is that ads with music tend to be slightly more enjoyable; this effect is a little more marked in Europe.

The use of music which has been specifically adapted for the brand can further boost levels of enjoyment. So too can the use of well-known music.

Two versions of an ad for a mobile phone network were tested. The ads were identical, except for the choice of music. One used a well-known song, Teenage Kicks, the other used a song that had not been a hit. The differences were clear: the Teenage Kicks soundtrack positively benefitted both rational and emotional responses.