AT&T: The Last Text

BBDO New York


Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

As category leader, AT&T committed to take a stance; igniting genuine acceptance of the problem, and inciting real behavior change.

We seized an opportunity to shape the formative habits of a generation who were just beginning to drive by trivializing the text message, not demonizing the texter.

The thought at the heart of it: was your last text worth dying for?

Our campaign broke down youth's sense of invincibility with real stories of people whose lives had been destroyed, and exposed the trivial little texts that caused the destruction.

Social norms change slowly. But by stirring public debate with a powerful documentary, and providing tools for young people to socially declare their allegiance to our cause, we accelerated this change dramatically.

The many facets of our campaign are now embedded in culture and community alike: