Fondazione Arena di Verona: Being on Twitter - without being on Twitter

Sabrina Benz, Antonella Peschechera and Matteo Bosisio

Campaign details

Brand owner: Fondazione Arena di Verona
Agency: MediaCom; GroupM; H-ART
Brand: Arena di Verona
Country: Italy

Executive summary

How could Arena di Verona, the biggest open-air opera theatre in the world, innovatively engage with a young, non-opera-fan audience? And how could the theatre convey its message with a fresh tone of voice on Twitter – when it didn't have a Twitter account? MediaCom, the partner agency of the Arena, managed it with their Tweet Seats activity – a first ever in the European social-media panorama.

Starting from a dedicated Twitter hashtag to make people share the vivid emotions of the opera, MediaCom reserved favourably priced seats by the stage at the Arena, where people could live-tweet what was going on at the opera shows, and also created a tailor-made experience for bloggers, who drove wider resonance for the theatre.