Yorkshire Tea: Taking Yorkshire Tea to the world – the story of Little Urn

Principal authors: Jamie Inman and Zoe Crowther, Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Taking Yorkshire Tea to the World – the story of Little Urn

This is the story of how a small brand can overcome market inertia and achieve dynamic growth through the right advertising. It is also the story of the relationship between fandom and customer acquisition. It is also, therefore, a working example of the effective integration of social and broadcast communications. It is the story of a blend of 'traditional' television advertising and a 'modern' Facebook engagement platform.

Yorkshire Tea is a brand made to span the traditional and the modern. Based on its Yorkshire roots and incredibly vocal following, Yorkshire Tea had risen to become the number three tea brand in the UK.

Not satisfied with this heady achievement, Yorkshire Tea's owners set themselves an ambitious, long-term target to take the number two spot – presenting the tricky task of broadening our horizons without breaking faith with our traditional heartland.