Tribute Ale - We've earned it. How Tribute Ale has achieved success in a market under severe pressure

Gideon Aroussi, Steve Chambers - Bray Leino


This paper tells a good news story in a period of great uncertainty. It shows how one beer brand bucked the trend of closing pubs, falling sales and general strife that has hit the brewing industry. It demonstrates how well targeted, salient communications can reinforce consumer loyalty whilst providing a springboard to bring more people into the brand. It shows how sponsorship and advertising can work together to influence multiple aspects of a brand including sales, profit, distribution, awareness, competitive position, and geographical range.


St Austell Brewery is a 150 year old, family run business based in Cornwall. A beer called Daylight Robbery was brewed as a one-off to commemorate the 1999 solar eclipse and was so successful it was made into one of St Austell's permanent brews and renamed Tribute Ale. Tribute went on to become a local success and has won numerous local and national beer and brewing awards. Previous communications (before our involvement) had been limited to Cornwall and were predominantly PR led. Within Cornwall both the Brewery and Tribute had high levels of awareness but recognition dropped off steeply as soon as you crossed the Tamar river. Distribution within Cornwall was strong due to the large brewery-owned pub estate and the solid local distribution network beyond the tied estate.