Can advertising influence the results of hedonic tests for food products?

Christian Dianoux

University of Lorraine, CEREFIGE

Dan Petrovici

University of Kent, Kent Business School

Anne-Laure Minondo



Market research (concept, product and market testing) was identified as one of the most important factors to successful new product development (Khan et al. 2012). In this field, considerable research aims to identify the influences of specific variables on consumer evaluations of food. Previous studies evaluated the influence of personal values (Allen et al. 2008), intrinsic product characteristics such as packaging (Wansink & Van Ittersum 2003), the presence of nutritional information (Di Monaco et al. 2003) and colour (Hoegg & Alba 2007). Other studies focused on external characteristics, such as the context in which the food is consumed (Krishna & Morrin 2008) or the characteristics of the experimental design, including presentation order and product testing procedures (Dean 1980), as well as environmental variables such as distraction created during product sampling at the point of purchase (Nowlis & Shiv 2005).