Claritin: Don't be out of sync with Claritin

Charmaine Nadine Quisel

Campaign details

Brand owner: MSD (Merck, Sharp & Dohme)
Agency: M2M Advertising Philippines, Inc
Brand: Claritin
Country: The Philippines
Channels used: Radio, Television
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

It has been learned that most allergy sufferers tend to self-medicate. They rely on referrals from friends/family and on advertisements in buying anti-allergy tablets. Their common complaints for brands tried before are drowsiness and slow effect. Hence Claritin's campaign magnified the relevance of being allergy-free and creatively highlighted the 24-hour relief and non-drowsy benefits.

Market background and business objectives

Claritin is an over-the-counter antihistamine medicine that treats allergies, which owns 50% share of market (SOM) in value and is priced 200% higher than main competitors Benadryl and Allerta. It claims 24-hour relief with one tablet and no-drowse effect while other brands require taking two to three tablets per day. Category growth was driven by low- and medium-priced brands like its other two main competitors, which had been advertising heavily over the past three years while Claritin had low retention and trial, given lesser advertising efforts.