Guide Dogs Australia - Support Scent: Showing your support for those who cannot see

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Advertiser: Guide Dogs Australia - Support Scent

Author: Michael Hyde

Total Campaign Expenditure: $500-$1 million


Guide Dogs Australia (GDA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to the crucial work of assisting the blind and vision impaired regain a sense of independence in the community. This is primarily done through the development, training and provision of guide dogs, but also education and community engagement. To carry out its crucial services, GDA relies in the main on donations and bequests.

Charities and the likes of GDA, were facing challenging times. People had tightened their belts in response to economic uncertainty, increasing costs of petrol, food and living expenses caused by the GFC. And while Australia was emerging from the GFC in better shape than many global economies, Australia SCAN (a leading social values monitor) was reporting that the general population was constricting spending and taking up a new sense of austerity (Refer to Figure 1: New Austerity Measures as Belts Tighten), furthermore Australia SCAN was also reporting that Australians’ were very uncertain and had lost confidence in their own personal financial futures (Refer to Figure 2: Very Worried About Their Financial Futures).