Business on Main, by Sprint


The wireless category is among the most competitive in all of consumer and business to business marketing, with advertising spending totaling over $4.5 billion annuallyi. This category is also one of the most responsive to advertising, with branding and differentiation being crucial to success.

Today, Sprint is the #3 in the telecom category and is outspent 3:1 by competitors like AT&T and Verizonii. Sprint enjoys a highly differentiating and profitable advantage that positions it well for the future with the development of a 4G (fourth generation) network that is rolling out at least one year ahead of competitive offerings. Delivering wireless data is at the core of Sprint's mission and central to the growth of the telecom category. Unfortunately, Sprint as a brand has had little meaning to consumers due to on-going shifts in positioning and had fallen out of consumers' consideration set. Sprint had to penetrate new audiences as a way to grow business and increase revenue.