Why social commerce engines will power next-gen market research

R. Scott Evans and Erin Defossé
Bazaarvoice, USA


While social media has been a persistent theme for the past few years, this paper focuses on a relatively ignored social media asset that is an integral part of e-commerce for many of the world's brands and retailers. Embedded in the majority of corporate websites are the social commerce engines (sCE), implemented and run by companies like Bazaarvoice, Reevoo or PowerReviews. These engines run the extensive conversation platforms that enable consumers to talk about products and engage with one another in their purchase journey.

The unique role of these sCEs is evident by the fact that few corporate entities have successfully built their own engines. The major exception to this rule is Amazon.com, which was the dominant pioneer in the peer review space over seven years ago and remains a leading example of how a social commerce engine is an intrinsic part of online commerce.