Antecedents of Consumer Attitudes toward Cause-Related Marketing

Seounmi Youn
Emerson College

Hyuksoo Kim
Emerson College


The use of cause-related marketing as a marketing platform has been progressively employed by companies, as consumers increasingly value corporate support of social causes (Cone, Feldman, and DaSilva, 2003; Webster, 2005a). According to the IEG Sponsorship report (IEG, 2005), marketers invested $1.11 billion on cause-related marketing sponsorships and activation in 2005 and are projected to spend $1.34 billion on cause sponsorships in 2006, a 20.5 percent increase since 2005. This projection indicates that cause-related marketing is the fastest growing sector of sponsorship, outperforming the industry's average growth rate of 10.6 percent. A survey of 62 large companies showed that charitable donations by corporations rose 14 percent in 2005 to $8.4 billion in the United States (Perry, 2006).