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Account Planning School of the Web 2016: The task
Posted by: Advertising [Planning] School On The Web
Advertising [Planning] School On The Web

Warc has again teamed up with the APSOTW – the Advertising Planning School On The Web.

This excellent initiative, run by a team of senior planners from across the world, poses challenges for up-and-coming planners and marketers. It's a chance to show off your ideas in front of a seriously, seriously senior line-up of judges.

We're lending a hand by carrying and promoting their challenges here on the Warc Blog and hopefully highlighting some of the ideas that come out of them.

You can view the previous challenges we helped out with here, and read an introduction to this latest challenge here.

Now, over to Andrew Hovell for details of the new assignment…


Subjects: Marketing, Media, Brands

29 April 2016 16:01

Don't shoot yourself with target marketing
Posted by: Byron Sharp, Director, Ehrenberg–Bass Institute
Byron Sharp

This post is a response to the article Ditching targeting for mass marketing is going back to the dark ages written by Professor Mark Ritson in Marketing Week. Ritson was commenting on a report by Warc - Mars looks beyond targeting - on a speech given by Mars Global CMO, Bruce McColl.

Mark Ritson writes: "It is impossible to teach targeting to MBA students these days without extensive reference to Ehrenberg-Bass and its theories" (Marketing Week, April 2016). That's quite a compliment given that Mark says he almost never brings academic research into the classroom.

Yet WARC invited me to write a reply to Mark's article because it seemed to criticise the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute's conclusions about the need for broad reach in order to deliver brand growth.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising

27 April 2016 10:28

How this year's Warc winners can raise the bar for social marketing
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest post is from Mobbie Nazir, Chief Strategy Officer at We Are Social

This year I have the pleasure of once again judging the Warc Prize for Social Strategy, the Prize designed to recognise work from all over the world that uses social ideas to drive business results. Last year's brilliant, diverse winners proved just how much social marketing has evolved. In fact the work was so diverse it was difficult to distinguish a clear set of "best practice principles" - which is partly because the category is moving so fast but also partly because social has the power to impact so many different aspects of a brand's business. From marketing to product and service innovation to customer service.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Media

25 April 2016 12:27

The curse of knowledge
Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia
Richard Shotton

Think of a song. A simple, well known tune. Now tap out the rhythm on your desk and ask a colleague to guess the name. Easy, right?

Well, an experiment from Elizabeth Newton, a psychologist at Stanford, suggests not. She split participants into two groups: 'tappers' and 'listeners'. The first group chose a song and then, without revealing its name, they tapped out the rhythm for the listeners to guess. The tappers estimated the probability of the song being recognised at 50%. They were wildly wrong. Of the 120 songs in the experiment only 2.5% were identified correctly.


Subjects: Marketing, Consumers, Media

19 April 2016 12:28

Back to the future: Rosser Reeves' legacy
Posted by: Malcolm White, Co-founder, Krow Communications
Malcolm White

Malcolm White looks back ... at Rosser Reeves' legacy, not just his fallacy.

Rosser Reeves is infamous for proposing, more than half a century ago, that a good way of proving the effect of advertising was to compare the brand scores of ad recognisers with the brand scores of non-recognisers. He claimed that a correlation between high recognition and strong brand scores should be regarded as causal - when of course it shouldn't: people who already know and like a brand will tend to notice the same brand's advertising. This flawed logic is what became known as the Rosser Reeves Fallacy and it has cast a shadow over Reeves' reputation.


Subjects: Advertising, Marketing, Consumers

12 April 2016 15:35

What does 'good' look like? - Warc Prize for Social Strategy
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

Rob Blackie is Director of Social at OgilvyOne and is on the judging panel for the Warc Social Prize 2016

The range, depth and ambition of social is expanding rapidly, so this is an exciting time to be in the industry, even if we all constantly have to race to keep up with the speed of change.

As a judge for the Warc Prize for Social Strategy, I’m longing to see what award entries will teach me about the state of social this year.


Subjects: Awards, Digital, Marketing

04 April 2016 17:00

IAB Europe survey: what is driving or preventing programmatic investment?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Marie-Clare Puffett – Business Programmes Manager, IAB Europe

Programmatic advertising has been at the centre of discussions and events across the advertising industry. From Advertising Week in London and Interact in Berlin to the Festival of Creativity in Cannes, it has never been far from the headlines.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

24 March 2016 12:02

All that is solid melts into thin air
Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia
Richard Shotton

Although more than a hundred years ago, the summer of 1914 has many similarities with now. In particular, it was a time of rapid technological change. The wireless telegraph, invented in 1896, had transformed communications - messages that once took days to convey could be transmitted instantaneously.

But that speed had a cost.


Subjects: Data, Media, Marketing

23 March 2016 12:59

Learnings from the UK's best campaigns
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Use a “soft launch” for a new strategy. Aim to get a real, human insight to inform the creative. And deploy cutting-edge tech to get your message out there. Those are the big learnings from the best-performing UK campaigns of the year.

Warc invited the teams behind ‘Holiday Spam’ (for Three, the telco), ‘This Girl Can’ (for government body Sport England) and ‘Raising Eyebrows and Subscriptions’ (for The Economist, the current affairs magazine) to discuss their work at an event in London this week. We think these campaigns are Britain's best, as they were ranked top in the UK on this year’s Warc 100: our annual rankings of the world’s best marketing campaigns and companies, according to performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising, Marketing

17 March 2016 09:11

Resolutions for a revolution
Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals
Faris Yakob

The world turns and we get a moment, like the two-faced Roman god Janus, to look at the past and to the future, and consider: what did we do that we want to do more of? What do we want less of? Individually, as an agency, and in the industry?

The turn of a new year is an opportunity to consider the year behind and the year ahead, focusing on what was fun, interesting and profitable, and what inspired us. We can then set some objectives, some aspirations, and think about how we will structure our year around these areas of focus.


Subjects: Advertising, Marketing

16 March 2016 09:17


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