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Advertising Planning School on the Web 2016: The task
Posted by: Advertising [Planning] School On The Web
Advertising [Planning] School On The Web

Warc has again teamed up with the APSOTW – the Advertising Planning School On The Web.

This excellent initiative, run by a team of senior planners from across the world, poses challenges for up-and-coming planners and marketers. It's a chance to show off your ideas in front of a seriously, seriously senior line-up of judges.

We're lending a hand by carrying and promoting their challenges here on the Warc Blog and hopefully highlighting some of the ideas that come out of them.

You can view the previous challenges we helped out with here, and read an introduction to this latest challenge here.

Now, over to Andrew Hovells of PHD Manchester for details of the new assignment…


Subjects: Marketing, Media, Brands

03 May 2016 16:01

Warc 100: The brain's take on the world's best campaigns
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is written by Heather Andrew, CEO UK of Neuro-Insight.

The Warc 100 provides a fascinating cross-section of the breadth and depth of effective, creative work from around the world. This year's top five campaigns are no exception: winners of 2016's honours include campaigns that utilise a bedtime story, military codebreaking game and displays of deformed vegetables.

Different as they are, these campaigns all demonstrate how to engage audiences and inspire them to action. One of the features that they have in common is an understanding of the role of creative messaging on subconscious processes like emotional and memory response.


Subjects: Awards, Advertising, Brands

13 April 2016 16:56

The Age of Conversation
Posted by: Gareth Kay, Co-founder, Chapter
Gareth Kay

About a dozen years ago, we began to talk about the age of conversation as the web evolved to enable us to spend more time on platforms that connected people together rather than the one-way questioning of information that characterised the nature of the early web. It was a dramatic shift in our relationship with the web and had a significant impact on marketing but this shift is likely to feel far smaller than the real age of conversation we are entering now - the era of the conversational interface.


Subjects: Digital, Brands, Consumers

05 April 2016 10:24

Is Singles' Day good for brands?
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

Arguably the most public face of China's e-marketing juggernaut is Singles' Day. One can't help but be in awe of the sheer scale of it: 278 million orders for 30,000 brands offering everything from smartphones to smart-looking underwear were placed in the 24-hour window, resulting in over US$ 14 billion changing hands. And it's speeding up like a rocket. This year's dollar volume was 60% greater than the year before and it was the same the year before that. And given the runaway success of it, e-comm titan Alibaba, which first commercialised this celebration of singledom, plans to use the Singles' Day concept to spearhead Alibaba's globalisation strategy. Within a year or two, this China-born shopping frenzy may become another commercialised global date like Valentine's Day – but on a whole different scale.


Subjects: Brands, Digital, Consumers

30 March 2016 15:25

The cult of branding
Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals
Faris Yakob
Just recently we were walking down the street in La Paz, Bolivia and saw one of the frequent parades coming our way, so we ducked into a coffee shop to watch. As I stared out of the window at the phalanxes of military marching by, my wife Rosie drew my attention to the back of the menu, and I was, for a second, speechless.

Subjects: Brands, Advertising

29 March 2016 09:19

Is Self Brand Overlap the Secret of Brand Love?
Posted by: David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest
David Penn

For some years now, marketers have grappled with the challenge of how to explain 'brand love' – that intangible sense of attachment that makes Coke 'taste better' than Pepsi and may even lead us to overlook a product's shortcomings (think Apple). The 'roots' of brand love have generally been sought in the irrational, in emotions, yet this creates circularity: we love brands that create emotion; emotion creates loved brands, and so on…

Could it be, however, that the explanation lies in the relationship between our self and brands such that loved brands are those that somehow become subsumed in our personality? In other words, is a loved brand one that becomes part of us?


Subjects: Brands, Consumers, Data

16 March 2016 09:51

Did brands have the right game plan for Super Bowl 50?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This is a guest blog post by Anne Rayner, Global Head of Communications Research at TNS.

Super Bowl ads reach more TV viewers, and receive more media attention, than almost any other advertising opportunity – but such exposure counts for little unless they can overcome the challenges that any ad campaign faces. The ultimate value of the $5 million Super Bowl investment depends on ads' ability to deliver long-term brand benefits. They can only do this effectively when they combine novelty with affective impact (which stirs emotions and creates new types of associations within audiences' brains) and an all-important sense of relevance. But this triple play can be difficult for campaigns to pull off. Did 2016's Super Bowl advertisers make the right calls, in order to deliver it?


Subjects: Advertising, Brands

11 March 2016 12:45

Data strategy and the survival of the fittest.
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest blog is written by Ian Liddicoat, Chief Information Officer at ZenithOptimedia Group

The natural world has long shown us that the cycle of invention and reinvention in response to environmental change leads to increasing creativity in the desire for survival. The commercial world in the era of the internet has much to learn.

Global Internet (IP) traffic has increased fivefold over the past five years and will increase a further threefold over the next five years. Overall, IP traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent between 2014 and 2019.


Subjects: Data, Brands, Digital

01 March 2016 11:00

Point of view: Trust and social media
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

We just don't trust like we used to, it seems. According to a recent study, two-thirds of the world's countries fall into the 'distruster' category. A separate study from last year indicated that only 3% of Americans, British, Italians, Swedes, French and Italians say that 'business businesses are very honest'.


Subjects: Brands, Consumers

02 February 2016 10:01

When purpose becomes a problem
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This is a guest post by Wiemer Snijders, consultant on marketing, branding, and advertising effectiveness at The Commercial Works.

There is a new buzz phrase in the boardroom, and it is 'purposeful positioning'.

Purposeful positioning is a perfect example of how some people just can't resist the temptation to flog a dead horse, which in this case is the idea that people need to care about brands.


Subjects: Brands, Consumers

01 February 2016 10:11


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