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Microsoft's Paul Davies: Automation could return marketing to the board room
Posted by: Lucy Aitken, Case Study Editor, Warc
Lucy Aitken

Paul Davies, UK CMO, Microsoft, is judging the Effective Use of Tech panel at this year’s Warc Media Awards. Paul is also Chairman of UK advertiser trade body ISBA.

Warc’s Lucy Aitken spoke to him about how accurate forecasting could help transform marketing from a cost centre into a revenue generator.


Subjects: Awards, Media, Marketing

26 August 2016 10:44

Unilever’s Sarah Mansfield: 'More data is at the heart of everything'
Posted by: Lucy Aitken, Case Study Editor, Warc
Lucy Aitken

Sarah Mansfield, VP Global Media Europe and Americas, Unilever, is chair of the judging panel for the Effective use of integration panel at this year's Warc Media Awards. She is responsible for a total media spend of €1 billion. 

Warc's Lucy Aitken spoke to her about mobile, moment marketing and why Ben & Jerry's sells even when it's raining…


Subjects: Media, Awards, Marketing

22 August 2016 11:42

Heineken's Ron Amram: Why sponsorship is more than a media buy
Posted by: Lucy Aitken, Case Study Editor, Warc
Lucy Aitken

Ron Amram, Vice President of Media at Heineken USA, is chair of the judging panel for the Effective use of partnerships and sponsorships in the Warc Media Awards. A serially decorated marketer, Amram has led the Heineken team to 20 Cannes Lions awards.

Warc's Lucy Aitken spoke to him about how sponsorship goes beyond a media buy, leveraging passion points, and getting his brand into 'non-American football.'


Subjects: Awards, Media, Brands

17 August 2016 16:27

Starcom's Paul Wilson on scaling innovation
Posted by: Lucy Aitken, Case Study Editor, Warc
Lucy Aitken

Paul Wilson, Managing Partner, Strategy, Starcom MediaVest Group, is on the judging panel for the Effective Use of Tech category at the Warc Media Awards.

Warc's Lucy Aitken interviewed him earlier this month.

What is your take on the role of comms planning versus creative planning?

Where you talk to people and how you engage with them is becoming more important because increasingly, people can opt out of advertising completely.


Subjects: Awards, Media, Advertising

12 August 2016 16:16

May I ask a personal question?
Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals
Faris Yakob

When someone says that, what are they asking? They're asking for permission to enquire about something you may not be comfortable talking about because it's private. It's not something you would normally share publicly, hence the need for permission. (Especially if you are British.)

What makes something personal? Uniquely yours, concerning your private life (is that still a thing?), your emotions, desires, hopes, dreams, relationships, secrets. This is an interesting inversion, since the root of the word - persona - literally means 'mask': the kind worn in Graeco-Roman drama.


Subjects: Consumers, Advertising, Awards

08 August 2016 11:10

The Next Rembrandt
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

It's one of the most-awarded - and most talked-about - campaigns of this year's Cannes Lions. 'The Next Rembrandt', a project for Dutch bank ING from JWT Amsterdam, used a great insight, machine learning and 3D printing to make an all-new painting from the 17th century old master, Rembrandt van Rijn. And the work picked up two Grands Prix at the Palais des Festivals last month.


Subjects: Data, Marketing, Awards

21 July 2016 17:17

Social Prize shortlist: HSBC, Halifax, Emirates NBD, and Mastercard
Posted by: Lucy Aitken, Case Study Editor, Warc
Lucy Aitken

Four out of the 30 shortlisted papers for this year's Warc Prize for Social Strategy were from financial services brands. For a sector renowned for uninspiring advertising, that's a pretty good result. Perhaps what's more surprising is that the four campaigns could not be more different, incorporating an insight-driven database, a content-rich campaign designed to simplify finance, a push for student accounts and a nudge to get thinking about your retirement years.


Subjects: Awards, Digital, Advertising

11 July 2016 16:51

Highlights from the Effies North America 2016
Posted by: Warc Staff
Warc Staff

This year's North American Effie Awards bestowed its top prize to Moms Demand Action, the US pressure group for gun control, for its 'Groceries not guns' campaign.

Read the Grand Effie and a selection of 25 other winning case studies.

But if you only have time to read a few of them, then here are my recommended highlights.


Subjects: Awards, Advertising

24 June 2016 16:43

Three things I want to see at this year's Warc Prize for Asian Strategy
Posted by: Andreas Krasser, Head of Strategy & Innovation, DDB Group Hong Kong
Andreas Krasser

To say that I am very honored judging the 2016 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy would certainly be an understatement - not just because of the extremely humbling panel of fellow judges, but also because I personally hold a great deal of this award. After all, it's Asia's first dedicated competition rewarding great strategic marketing thinking from the region.


Subjects: Awards, Advertising

21 June 2016 15:57

Jim DeLash on the Warc Media Awards: "'context' is the word of the day"
Posted by: Jim DeLash, Director, Multi-channel marketing, Glaxosmithkline
Jim DeLash

Jim DeLash is Director, Multi Channel Marketing Execution, at GlaxoSmithKline US, and a judge on the channel integration panel for Warc's Media Awards.

The following interview was undertaken by Lucy Aitken, who is case study editor at


Subjects: Awards, Media

06 June 2016 17:11


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