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Don't shoot yourself with target marketing
Posted by: Byron Sharp, Director, Ehrenberg–Bass Institute
Byron Sharp

This post is a response to the article Ditching targeting for mass marketing is going back to the dark ages written by Professor Mark Ritson in Marketing Week. Ritson was commenting on a report by Warc - Mars looks beyond targeting - on a speech given by Mars Global CMO, Bruce McColl.

Mark Ritson writes: "It is impossible to teach targeting to MBA students these days without extensive reference to Ehrenberg-Bass and its theories" (Marketing Week, April 2016). That's quite a compliment given that Mark says he almost never brings academic research into the classroom.

Yet WARC invited me to write a reply to Mark's article because it seemed to criticise the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute's conclusions about the need for broad reach in order to deliver brand growth.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising

27 April 2016 10:28

Of fiction and funnels
Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals
Faris Yakob

I was recently speaking at a Google event in Sydney. The topic I was asked to speak on was 'Digital storytelling', so let me tell you a tale.

Humans love stories. We use them to make sense of the world. When we cannot understand something, we use stories to explain it to ourselves, and each other. Stories are everywhere because everything is literally complex, the product of many things interoperating and creating endlessly emergent effects.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital, Consumers

26 April 2016 10:23

DOOH's "virtuous cycle"
Posted by: Stephen Whiteside, Reports Editor, Warc
Stephen Whiteside

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is set to benefit from a "virtuous cycle" as new technologies and capabilities connect screens and locations with smartphones, beacons and even virtual reality, according to a recent report from the IAB.


Subjects: Digital, Media, Advertising

20 April 2016 11:27

Native advertising seen positively, but challenges remain
Posted by: Anna Hamill, Asia Editor, Warc
Anna Hamill

Marketers across Asia-Pacific have a positive view of native advertising, with 67% enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers. Investment into native advertising is also set to rise significantly in the next five years as the medium matures.

A Warc & King Content survey of more than 300 advertising and marketing professionals across 16 Asia-Pacific countries revealed insights into how native advertising is being used, the biggest challenges marketers face, and thoughts on the future of the medium. Respondents included brand owners, creative and media agencies, media owners and content experts among others. 


Subjects: Advertising, Digital, Data

15 April 2016 12:15

Warc 100: The brain's take on the world's best campaigns
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is written by Heather Andrew, CEO UK of Neuro-Insight.

The Warc 100 provides a fascinating cross-section of the breadth and depth of effective, creative work from around the world. This year's top five campaigns are no exception: winners of 2016's honours include campaigns that utilise a bedtime story, military codebreaking game and displays of deformed vegetables.

Different as they are, these campaigns all demonstrate how to engage audiences and inspire them to action. One of the features that they have in common is an understanding of the role of creative messaging on subconscious processes like emotional and memory response.


Subjects: Awards, Advertising, Brands

13 April 2016 16:56

Back to the future: Rosser Reeves' legacy
Posted by: Malcolm White, Co-founder, Krow Communications
Malcolm White

Malcolm White looks back ... at Rosser Reeves' legacy, not just his fallacy.

Rosser Reeves is infamous for proposing, more than half a century ago, that a good way of proving the effect of advertising was to compare the brand scores of ad recognisers with the brand scores of non-recognisers. He claimed that a correlation between high recognition and strong brand scores should be regarded as causal - when of course it shouldn't: people who already know and like a brand will tend to notice the same brand's advertising. This flawed logic is what became known as the Rosser Reeves Fallacy and it has cast a shadow over Reeves' reputation.


Subjects: Advertising, Marketing, Consumers

12 April 2016 15:35

New on Warc: How to maximize your digital ROI
Posted by: James Aitchison, Director, Warc
James Aitchison

The latest content on Warc includes new insights on digital ROI, brand growth and the rise of crowdfunding. There’s also new analysis on the Warc 100 plus case studies from the Warc Prize for Innnovation and the ARF Ogivly Awards.


Subjects: Advertising, Awards, Digital

06 April 2016 16:03

It's time to really get personal...
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest post is by Nick Evans, Marketing Practice Director at Jaywing

At one point, all marketing was personal. Your bank manager, door-to-door salesman and butcher all knew their customers by name and treated them as individuals. Then, with the dawn of direct marketing, marketers began relying on more efficient mass-marketing techniques to deliver a singular message, firstly via mail and then through a variety of digital channels.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising, Consumers

04 April 2016 15:26

Three big themes (and four helpful tips) from SXSW
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

SXSW Interactive is one of marketing and tech's biggest trade shows, with over 30,000 attendees.(Warc was there this year too, and you can read our reporting from the event here.) But, of course, not everybody who wants to go, gets to go. Luckily, the Global Academy of Digital Marketing (GADM) and Karmarama, the creative agency, was on hand with a London-based event of its own, SXSW Hangover, that was held in London last week and recapped some of the festival's big themes.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital, Media

01 April 2016 16:22

The cult of branding
Posted by: Faris Yakob, Co-founder, Genius Steals
Faris Yakob
Just recently we were walking down the street in La Paz, Bolivia and saw one of the frequent parades coming our way, so we ducked into a coffee shop to watch. As I stared out of the window at the phalanxes of military marching by, my wife Rosie drew my attention to the back of the menu, and I was, for a second, speechless.

Subjects: Brands, Advertising

29 March 2016 09:19


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