Double Robotics: Lucy the Robot

American technology company Double Robotics wanted to break into the Australian market with its Double telepresence robot, essentially a portable iPad on wheels. The device allows a remote user to maneuver the device from the comfort of their home or office, and to interact with the world via video and audio devices. The brand approached Atomic 212 to develop a creative concept on a tiny budget. In response, the agency created 'Lucy the Robot' - we placed a humanoid robot outside the Apple store in Sydney to line up for the global release of the iPhone 6s. On the other end of the device was Sydney-sider Lucy Kelly, who controlled it from her home and office. She drove the device from her office to the Apple store and waited in line, via the robot, for two days. We took the global hype surrounding the iPhone launch, combined it with some cool new technology, then added a human element - it was a recipe for success. We then created digital and social content around the story and seeded it across digital.