Ariel: Share the load

BBDO India


Communication in the premium laundry detergents category in India has traditionally been unengaging, with a focus on product performance and demos. Here, Ariel led the category thanks to its superior performance and stain removal claims.

This however changed with time as Ariel's key competitor - Surf engaged the urban Indian woman with its 'Daag Acche Hai' campaigns ('Dirt is Good'). With its approach, Surf created a new context for the category - laundry is no longer just about stain removal, it was about creating a playful, learning environment for your children. Over the years, this social context made Surf more newsworthy and relevant to the urban woman in charge of laundry. (Source: Client data)

To combat this we needed to change our approach: focusing on product performance and stain removal alone wasn't going to work. More so a conventional advertising campaign approach was not going to move the urban Indian women because previous such campaigns were not working. And to make matter's tougher, the client wanted to lead the initiative with Ariel's most expensive detergent, Ariel Matic for washing machines.