Nestlé: BenNaNa Brings Magic Fun

Ogilvy Beijing

Entry Information

Country where program ran: China
Program start date: 04/15/12
Program end date: 09/15/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Nestle
Product/Service Description: Nestlé BNN is an ice cream with peelable jelly skin. It is eaten just like a real banana-you take a bite from the top of the peelable jelly shell, which you then roll down like a banana skin to reveal an ice cream core.
Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution (PMD)


Business problem

For such a sweet treat, ice cream is one tough category in China. It's a fiercely fought battle every summer between two powerful Chinese brands, Yili and Mengniu, and Unilever's Wall's. Combined, they hold 46% share of impulse ice cream and control freezer warfare for a single metre square of display space in-store. Nestlé is the David to their Goliath as the #4 player with 2% retail value share (source: Euromonitor Ice Cream Category Briefing, Nov 2012). Chinese brands spend 30-40 times Nestlé's ice cream marketing budget making it much harder to stand out both in marketing share of voice and at point of purchase.