The Future of Dynamic eMarketplaces in Asia Pacific

Lane Leskela
Gartner e-Business Intelligence Services (eBIS)


The eBusiness marketplace is really only beginning to take root in Asia Pacific in the latter half of 2000, with a focus on long-term return-on-equity models. The hype through April of this year was a distraction for real businesses needing to understand that they must e-enable to achieve their click-and-mortar potential. Scores of get-rich-quick dot.coms with stupid business plans have left a path of bad faith in the Internet marketplace in their wake.

Internet leverage is now understood to make the new levels of success and failure happen faster than before while allowing for business innovation, reinvestment, and diversity. The bottom of this first hype-cycle has allowed for sober reflection on the realities of harnessing the double-edged internet sword. Competitive companies in the region are now focusing on the hard work required to manage their real ebusiness, exploiting their industry and management experiences from the offline world.