Matching Creative Agencies with Results-Driven Marketers: Do Clients Really Need Highly Creative Advertising?

Sheila Lucy Sasser

Eastern Michigan University

Scott Koslow

Macquarie University

Mark Kilgour

University of Waikato

Management slant

  • When clients are in difficult situations, they are more open to exploring and thus more likely to buy work that is highly creative.
  • Organizational politics have a special relationship to creativity since being a champion for a new idea or innovation is deemed as political behavior that makes such innovation possible.
  • Creative people lament that their most highly creative work never leaves the agency; account executives feel it is better to give up on a creative campaign than risk an account loss.
  • Copy-testing reduces a client's likelihood of using a campaign, although the campaigns agencies produce are no less creative when they are expected to be copy-tested,
  • When clients are open to exploring new ideas, presenting them with mediocre, less creative "safe" ideas is clearly not acceptable since more clients are demanding greater creativity.