Collectif de festivals montréalais: Festimania


Entry Information

Category: Publishing/Entertainment
Country where program ran: Canada
Dates program started/ended: February 2011 – May 2011

Product Description:

Created in 2010, the Collectif de Festivals Montréalais groups together 11 festivals that take place in Montreal from mid-July to mid-August. Summer 2011 was the first edition of Montreal Festimania – four weeks of uninterrupted festivities.

Advertiser/Client Name: Collectif de festivals montrealais
Media Channels: TV/Video/Radio, Other


Marketplace challenge:

With Montreal Festimania, the Collectif wanted to make Montreal known as THE city of festivals in North America in the Canadian, U.S., French, and British markets. With the goal of developing a "city culture" as an integrated product, Montreal Festimania is concentrated during an important period of the year linked to the destination's significant tourism marketing strategies.