Sky Television – My Sky HDi

Category: New Product or Service Introduction
Agency: DDB New Zealand Ltd
Advertiser: SKY Television


The launch of MYSKY HDi, SKY's second-generation personal video recorder, was a breakthrough for SKY. SKY Television CEO John Fellet summed it up. “Out of everything we have ever done greatest uptake we have ever seen has been with HD PVR.”

The digital age is changing how we watch TV and consume content. SKY was now competing in a new arena that included the internet, on-demand services and increasing choices of channels and programmes via free-to-air television.

Next generation services like on-demand and personal video recorders are the way of the future for the business.

The communication's job was to open people's eyes to the truth that MYSKY HDi would change the way they watched TV forever by allowing them to choose how and when they watched their content.