Reviews of market drivers of new product performance: Effects and relationships

Kuen-Hung Tsai

National Taipei University

Chi-Tsun Huang

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

Mu-Lin Tsai

Takming University of Science and Technology


Understanding the market drivers of new product performance is an important issue in market management. The volume of scholarly research on this issue has exploded over the past three decades. Several researchers have consolidated the empirical findings in the new product literature to assess the generalisability of the relationships among the market predictors and new product performance (e.g. Henard & Szymanski 2001; Pattikawa et al. 2006). Due to the importance of new product development to firm growth, the literature on this topic is steadily increasing, raising the need for additional consolidation to validate the prior meta-analytic results. In particular, prior reviews focused mainly on quantitative summaries of the bivariate correlations between new product performance and its market predictors (Montoya-Weiss & Calantone 1994; Henard & Szymanski 2001). In other words, their analyses did not reveal the structural relationships among the market drivers, and thus do not offer a completely comprehensive understanding of their performance effects.