Tip Top: The Icebar Co.

Category: New Product or Service
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Tip Top


In a move away from tradition, Colenso BBDO set out to make ice-blocks a serious business, when tasked by Tip Top to launch The IceBar Co's new range.

Aimed at the adult market, The IceBar Co, was a standalone, boutique style product range aimed at more mature palates. By being deadly serious about the new range, rather than opting for the usual ice-block marketing strategy of fun in the sun, the team at Colenso BBDO helped to sell millions of these ice-blocks and make it number two in its category.

Key learnings

Ice blocks are serious business for Tip Top. They generate significant sales, however the prevailing sentiment was that the refreshment segment had hit a ceiling, with share remaining relatively flat over the previous two years.1

This plateau was driven by three category challenges:

  1. Ice blocks seemed to be the domain of hot summer days, resulting in the category suffering from low purchase frequency. Fruju – by far the most frequently purchased ice block in the category – still only sold an average of one serve per month in winter and 1.4 serves per month in summer.2
  2. Furthermore, Fruju targeted younger 20-something adults, meaning many 30-somethings fell out of the category altogether.
  3. The prevailing young, fun in the sun category image meant it had become increasingly difficult to drive a price premium.