How Clorox gets closer to the customer: Multicultural and digital-led innovation

Geoffrey Precourt

Clorox has been the leading laundry-bleach brand in the United States since the 1930s. But its marketing is far from backward-looking. Two recent examples – one targeting Hispanic consumers, one around its Burt's Bees subsidiary – demonstrate how the company is innovating to stay relevant.

Some background: nearly 90% of Clorox Co. brands have either the first or second market-share position in their categories. In addition to its namesake Clorox products, the company manufactures and markets a variety of cleaning-related goods (among them Green Works natural home-care products, Pine-Sol cleaner, and Fresh Step cat litter) as well as a variety of other products. These include Hidden Valley salad dressings and sauces, Brita water filters, Glad trash bags, and Burt's Bees natural personal-care offerings.