Classified advertising and the Regional Press

Camille Joseph
Newspaper Society

The Newspaper Society (NS) is the voice of the UK's regional and local press, and represents an influential and dynamic industry that produced 2,833.5 million of ad revenue in 2001.

The regional press is the second largest ad medium after TV, and classified advertising (such as situations vacant and motors) continues to represent around twothirds of its overall advertising expenditure (Exhibit 1 and Table 1).

                             Table 1: Regional press ad expenditure: /millions                                    

Ad type Expenditure (/millions)
National display 264.0
Local display 658.5
Recruitment 769.0
Property 355.0
Motors 351.5
Other classified 435.5
Total 2,833.5
Source: Advertising Association/NS intelligence unit; figures are for 2001