Unlocking the “Reminder” Potential When Viewers Pause Programs: Results from a Laboratory Test of a New Online Medium

Larry Neale

Queensland University of Technology

Steven Bellman and Shiree Treleaven-Hassard

Audience Labs, Murdoch University

Jennifer A. Robinson

RMIT University

Duane Varan

The Disney Media & Advertising Lab/Audience Labs, Murdoch University

Management slant

  • Although pause advertisements are not as effective as normal online television advertisements, they are viewed as less intrusive.
  • For best results, advertisers should use pause advertising as repeat exposures for regular online television commercials seen in the same program.
  • The short exposure time that pause advertising receives suggests advertisers should use the same creative execution factors used by online banner advertisements, and previously by billboard advertising.
  • Future research should investigate the creative execution factors that increase click-through for pause advertising.