The Rise of Micro-Multinationals: How a new breed of companies powered by the internet adds value to the market research industry

Amit Gupta and Terry Sweeney
Cross-Tab Marketing Services, India

How many times in the past few years have you heard, "I need some research done faster, cheaper and with higher quality using the latest research techniques" from your clients? How many times internally have you heard, "how are we supposed to get this done at that cost and still maintain a profit and some research integrity?" How have businesses in the MR industry been able to supply this demand? Are the established multi-national research companies (the Honomichl top 50) the gold standard in the market research business model? Are they really able to keep up with the demands of modern market research or are the rising micro – multinationals (not as large and as established) becoming the improved business model for the market research industry?