How agencies and consumers are changing: Insights from the Results International 'Time to Reboot' conference

Joseph Clift

Speakers at Time to Reboot, a global seminar organised by Results International and held in London in November 2010, were united by a shared belief that marketers face a period of profound change, as online and mobile media consumption become more and more a part of consumers' everyday lives.

But they were divided over the positive or negative effects such change would have for the marketing industry.

Agency trends

Addressing the meeting via a pre-recorded speech, Michael Birkin, a former vice-chairman of Omnicom who now heads experiential agency the Red Peak Group, seemed deeply pessimistic on the long-term future of the traditional advertising agency.

To Birkin, many agencies made a "massive mistake" around 15 years ago during the start of the digital revolution by "running for the money in back-end production". This meant they were "essentially giving away a lot of the creativity that they were doing - for nothing".