Strategies from a new generation of challenger brands

Adam Morgan

As we move into what looks to be the most severe downturn most of us have worked through, we will obviously need to consider what changes and what stays the same in how we approach brand building, marketing and sales.

The tendency will be to think in terms of a profound change in tactics. But I would argue that what is needed is a profound strategic shift in the way we think about marketing, and using what we have to build stronger relationships with consumers.


For years many marketers have been unintentionally lazy. They haven't explored the full potential of the marketing tools in front of them because they haven't needed to – they've always more or less worked. Over the next two to three years, the consumers are going to be short of money, time and attention. A recent study by OMD and Yahoo! suggests that the average global family man or woman was getting through 43 hours of activities in a 24-hour day, because they were doing a number of them at the same time – 36% of texting in the UK occurs in front of the TV.