Delivering a luxury brand experience (Landor Perspectives 2012)

Lulu Raghavan
Landor Associates

India's growing tribe of luxury consumers is more traveled, more discerning, and more demanding than ever before. Gone are the days when multinational companies could get away with introducing outdated models or offering limited product selection to the Indian market. And it's no longer enough to ride on the halo of global brand image when selling to Indian consumers.

In the Indian context, the delivery and experience of a luxury brand are much more critical than the product alone and the badge value of owning it. Indian consumers might notice the Louis Vuitton logo and be enticed by an impressive lifestyle ad in a glossy magazine, but it's the Louis Vuitton experience across all interactions that will shape their perceptions of the brand. Positive perception is key to driving purchase and loyalty, and therefore long-term business success.