The Norwegian Cancer Society: We are all different


Entry Information

Country where program ran: Norway
Program start date: 02/01/13
Program end date: 03/22/13
Advertiser/Client Name: The Norwegian Cancer Society
Product/Service Description: Action to raise money for individual cancer research for the The Norwegian Cancer Society
Category: Not-For-Profit (NFP)


Business problem

The Norwegian Cancer Society is a nationwide volunteer organisation working with cancer prevention in Norway. The work they do is financed through donations and gifts, and they are the largest actor in the cancer prevention work in Norway. The Norwegian Cancer society works to reduce number of cancer incidents, increase the number of cancer survivors and to enhance quality of life of cancer patients. 25% of all cancer research in Norway is financed through donations from The Norwegian Cancer society – so the work of raising funds is a continuous task. The Norwegian Cancer Society has done a great job with presence in digital channels. Social media and mobile devices alike have been greatly used in their recent campaigns. They have databases that are detailed down to each household in Norway, and target groups that donate large sums every time we ask for their help.